Gozo Info

Water temperature

The temperature of water varies through out the year, from about 16 degrees in Winter up to about 27 degrees in High summer, these temperatures are surface water temperatures though so you need to factor in temperature of water at about 10m plus which can be a few degrees less. Average water temperatures through out the year are:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
17°c 16°c 16°c 17°c 19°c 22°c 26°c 27°c 26°c 24°c 22°c 19°c
62.6°f 60.8°f 60.8°f 62.6°f 66.2°f 71.6°f 78.8°f 80.6°f 78.8°f 75.2°f 71.6°f 66.2°f


We would recomend that for the winter and Spring months you bring a DrySuit if you have one, alternatively a 7mm wet suit will be fine.

In warmer months, a 5mm full suit is recommended, it really depends on you and what you are comfortable with.

We have a full stock of 2 piece 5mm wet suits for hire if you dont have an appropriate suit of your own.


The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English.  


This is the same as UK, 230Volts 50Hz AC using the same three pin rectangular plug. Visitors from the UK won't need to bring adaptors but  other visitors will. Adaptors can be purchased from various shops on the island.


The tap water across Malta and Gozo is safe to drink, and clean your teeth in, although some people dont like the taste local people use it all the time. Bottled mineral water is available from supermarkets.


The currency of Gozo and Malta is the Euro €.


Banks open Monday to Friday until early afternoon, and midday on Saturday.  There are ATM's at many of the banks around the Island although only one ATM in Marsalforn, but no bank.  If you need to exchange money you can do so in Victoria.  Most restaurants have credit card machines, but not all use chip and pin, there may be a surcharge for the use of some cards.


Gozo has its own fully equipped General Hospital in Victoria, which also includes its own Decompression Chamber facility.

There is a Poly-Clinic in Victoria (Victoria Health Centre), which is a drop-in medical facility with the on-duty GP. This is open 07:00 - 20:00  7 days a week.

General Practitioners are private and hold daily surgeries.

If you require a diving medical, this can be arrrange with the local diving doctor at his surgery in Nadur by appointment. There is a fee for the medical, payable to the Dr at time of appointment. 

There a number of Pharmacy's in Victoria and the larger villages around Gozo, these are open Monday to Saturday, Sundays one pharmacy will be open by rota.


There is a good bus service network, there is one service that runs between Marsalforn and Victoria (Bus 310) frequently through out the day, and also a service that runs from Mgarr Ferry Terminal to Marsalforn (Bus 323). Taxis are available from stands in Marsalforn and Victoria, or by telephone.


The rules of the road are similar to the UK, including that in Malta you drive on the Left. If any accident occurs you must not move any vehicle until either the police or a Warden have attended and agreed you can. Be aware of where you park your car particularly in Victoria as Wardens are regularly on patrol!


WiFi is available in most bars, restaurants and hotels and most village squares. And of course we have FREE WIFI here at Gozo Aqua Sports


In Marsalforn there are now 4 local shops, which sell a range of items including fresh produce, toiletories etc. Most villages have a local shop which sell a good range of goods for your stay.