Gozos' rich heritage

Azure Window 

March 8th 2017, the Azure Window finally fell during strong NW storms.


Gozo - our island paradise

Fertilis Ab Undis Caput Effero ("Fruitful Land Raising It's Head From The Sea")

The Greek writer Homer in his epic, the Odyssey, referred to Gozo as having 'a favourable and embalming climate'. His hero, Odysseus (Ulysees), was kept captive here for seven years by the legendary nymph Calypso (the island is often referred to as Calypso's Isle).

Ghawdex and the Knights Templar

The first settlers arrived on primitive rafts from Sicily between 5000 and 4500 BC. Since then, a continuous flow of other races have come and stayed, leaving their mark on the language and culture and giving a rich diversity that is unique. Over the centuries, the powerful nations, such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs, have ruled. The Arabs christened the island Ghawdex (pronounced Owdesh) in the 9th century and the locals still refer to it as that, the name of Gozo being later imposed by the Spanish. It is however, the Knights of St.John who have left a lasting impact on the island. Their influence is obvious from the many beautiful churches, the focal point of the villages over which their influence dominates.

North African Corsairs

The Knights built the Citadel in the 15th century for protection against constant attacks by the Turks and North African corsairs. It contains a magnificent cathedral, various museums and gives a taste of medieval life. From the Citadel walls, the view embraces the whole island - a place to reflect on Gozo's colourful history.

The Megalithic structures of Ggantija

Visit the village of Xaghra (pronounced Shar-ra) and see the megalithic temples of Ggantija, built over 5000 years ago and thought to be the oldest free standing structure in the world. Whilst in Xaghra, you should also visit Xerri's Grotto and Calypso's Cave. From Xaghra, or Nadur you can continue to Ramla Bay, a long stretch of golden sand with plenty of room.

The Inland Sea

Head for the Dwejra area and discover the natural phenomena of the Inland Sea. Learn the supposed healing powers of Fungus Rock. The limestone cliffs will reveal many shell and marine fossils - even sharks teeth!

The haven of Marsalforn

Gozo Aqua Sports is based in the fishing village of Marsalforn on the north coast. A typically relaxed and friendly welcome awaits the visitor. Marsalforn bay offers a small beach and many rocky coves to enable plenty of sunbathing opportunities. For the more energetic, there are other watersports available in the summer months and for the night owls several lively bars open till late.

Gozo - Our Island