What to Bring

There is usually something we forget when going on holiday, so we have provided a list of things you may need for your diving holiday.

Don't forget to pack:

Diving Qualification

certification card, qualification record book

Current Diving Medical,

you are required to have a current diving medical if you answer YES to any of  the questions on the standard self certification Medical form.

Dive Log Book

to confirm your diving experience.


European Health Insurance Card (if you are from the EU).

Travel insurance


Driving Licence

Required if you wish to hire a vehicle, or drive any other vehicle.

Credit Card

Required for car hire

Personal diving equipment

we also have ample diving equipment for hire

Swimming costume

Beach towel


Personal medicines

Pharmacies here are well stocked and the pharmacist is able to dispense some items, but not necessarily your usual brand.

If anyone has any more useful items to add to this page - please feel free to email them to us.

Please note this page is provided to help you enjoy your stay in Gozo only, it is by no means definitive.