PADI ReActivate

PADI ReActivate ( €70 For in water instruction and equipment hire)

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On-line theory inclusive of certification fees cost an additional €52 / £43 payable directly to PADI. Registration via the following link

There can be a number of reasons why you may not have dived for a while - work, lack of time, finances?  Basically life gets in the way!  PADI has launched a new program designed to enable you to refresh your diving skills and knowledge. You can review the Scuba concepts on Tablet, mobile device or PC before you arrive on holiday.

Once you are here, we will discuss with you your diving history and things that you may need to practise, then we can arrange your dive with one of our Instructors.

During the dive you will be required to practise and complete the skills listed below:

  • Remove, replace and clear Mask

  • Become neutrally bouyant and hover 

  • In water too deep to stand in with a deflated BCD, you will ditch your weights to become positively bouyant

  • Ascend using an alternate air source and establish positive bouyancy at the surface

  • Perform a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)

Once these skills are completed your Instructor will help you practise and complete any other Scuba skills you like to or need to.