Maltese Diving Regulations

New Maltese Diving Regulations

The most recent Diving Regulations came into force in 2012.  Information is to be found on the Professional Diving Schools Association of Malta website. The requirements for divers on a visit to Malta & Gozo are as follows:-


Some divers will find that they are no longer obliged to be examined by a doctor depending on their medical history. A medical questionnaire will screen and highlight those people who must seek further medical advice and / or examination prior to diving.
Certain conditions will always be incompatible with diving and if you know you suffer from impaired health, you should make further enquiries before booking a diving holiday.

Diving Permits

All divers will have to complete a registration form on arrival at the dive centre. This will include details of your diving qualification and a copy of your medical declaration.
If you intend to dive without a guide from the centre leading the dive (organized or independent diving), you will need to be PADI Advanced Open Water, BSAC Sport Diver, CMAS 2 Star Diver or equivalent, otherwise you will have to be accompanied in the water by an Instructor.

You are no longer obliged to obtain a Local Diving Permit.

Minimum Age

There are no restrictions on age. The decision on minimum age will be at the discretion of the Instructor or as stipulated by the training agency for those undertaking a diving qualification. Written parental / guardian consent will be required for all divers under age 18.

Technical Diving

The use of Rebreathers, Enriched Air and Trimix are sanctioned, subject to the normal restrictions of training and experience.


Only licensed operators, are allowed to offer scuba training or other recreational diving services. Qualified Instructors who wish to supervise training or diving for those less than PADI Advanced Open Water, CMAS 2 Star or equivalent, must do so through a licensed dive centre. The Instructor will first have to register with a dive centre, presenting his Instructor qualification and a copy of an annual medical examination by a Doctor specializing in diving medicine.

A Maltese Instructors Permit will no longer be required but a form of photographic identification issued by a licensed dive centre will have to be issued.