Underwater Videos

Seeing is believing, but nothing beats the real thing.

Gozo; Under the Water

The striking topographic structure as seen above sea-level continues under the water. There is an abundance of caves, holes, grottoes and crevices, all offering ideal living conditions for a rich diversity of animal life..

Meet the ubiquitous Octopus, the sleepy , colourful Wrasse, Damsel Fish and Painted Comber. The sharp eyed will also spot Stingrays, Moray Eels, Seahorses, Peacock Flounders, Scorpion Fish and the occasional John Dory.

At the larger end of the scale Grouper, Jack and Tuna can be seen as well as shoals of Barracuda.

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Gozo Diving Videos

Videos taken around Gozo.... . Watch them on You Tube. .

Video of a diving holiday with Gozo Aqua Sports

For a condensed version of a Gozo Aqua Sports diving holiday have a look at the video below, this video was made by some of our recent happy customers who have allowed us to share it with you.